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Why Play Your Part?

It’s no secret that volunteers do amazing things for our communities, but here at Royal Voluntary Service we’re just as passionate about the benefits of volunteering for the volunteers.

But don’t just take it from us. Some of our extraordinary volunteers from across the country have shared with us their stories and their own motivations for volunteering. Each person brings their own unique perspective to their role, showing how we can all Play Our Part.

Hear from our community volunteers

Read more about the brilliant volunteers who are already Playing Their Part.

Hear from our hospital retail volunteers

Read our incredible volunteers' stories.

Feeling inspired?

We believe that everyone should be able to have a go, Play Their Part, and reap the rewards of volunteering. From making friends and connections in your community, to boosting confidence, employment prospects and skill sets, volunteering can help you to do all of this and more. That’s before we’ve even talked about how good it can be for your health. Lots of our volunteers say that their roles help them to be more physically active, and even improve their mental health.

Whatever your motivations for wanting to play your part might be, we want to hear from you to volunteer. Whether you want to make a difference to your community, give back to the NHS, or maybe you want to try something new and do something meaningful with your spare time, there’s a volunteering opportunity for you.

We know that spare time is precious. Which is why, when it comes to volunteering, we’re eager to make sure that you get out just as much as you put in. At Royal Voluntary Service, we have a range of exciting and inspiring roles and styles of volunteering that we’re here to match you with.

The world of volunteering is changing, and with Royal Voluntary Service you can choose a way to play your part that fits in with your life.

Are you ready to Play Your Part?

Start your volunteering journey and help make a difference in communities and the NHS across England, Scotland and Wales.