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Jonathan loves volunteering and helping others

34-year-old Jonathan has been volunteering with Royal Voluntary Service at The Cornhill Centre for over 15 years.

Jonathan, dedicates three days a week, every week, to volunteering and has found that it’s given him a great sense of purpose and a way for him to Play His Part in his community. On Mondays, he joins Royal Voluntary Service at the Cornhill Companions Dance Club where he supports with practical tasks like providing refreshments and washing up and even lends his hand as a dance partner, busting out some dance moves. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, he gives his time at a local church and charity shop.

 Jonathan first began volunteering at The Cornhill Centre café, cleaning and setting the tables for lunch, washing up, and serving tea and coffee. Jonathan made a great impression and was invited to stay for the afternoon to help at the Cornhill Companions Dance Club. The dance club is an important service for older people in the community, helping them to stay active both physically and socially, and to live more independent lives. This one afternoon, quickly turned into a weekly occurrence, with Jonathan becoming a valued volunteer at the dance club. Here he helps with refreshments and cleaning up. Jonathan, who enjoys a dance himself, was keen to help wherever he is needed most, and it wasn’t long before he was enlisted to partner up for the dances.

When asked how volunteering makes Jonathan feel, he says: "happy". His favourite part is dancing especially the tango and cha-cha-cha.

Jonathan’s warm presence and friendship are enjoyed by all, and he has become a true embodiment of what it means to be a Cornhill Companion, with the belief that a smile from a friendly face or chat over a cup of tea can turn someone’s day around. Jonathan attends each volunteering shift with a ready smile.

Volunteering with Royal Voluntary Service at Cornhill Companions’ Dance Club is the perfect way for Jonathan to contribute to his time and talents to his community. In return, he’s also found it’s given him a sense of belonging and purpose. He takes great pride in putting on his Royal Voluntary Service ID badge and looks forward to completing his weekly volunteering shifts. After volunteering, Jonathan always returns home with a smile – and some great new dance moves!

For Cornhill Companions, the joy and love Jonathan brings each week is invaluable and his selfless dedication to volunteering and helping others inspires all.

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