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A friendly chat can really make a difference."

Jacqui volunteers with Royal Voluntary Service’s Calls with Care programme, helping ensure the safety and wellbeing of those she calls. She provides companionship and meaningful conversations to individuals who might be feeling isolated or lonely. Jacqui began volunteering amidst the challenges of lockdown, when she found herself with time on hands and a desire to make a positive impact in her local community. Eager to contribute, she immersed herself in volunteering.

As things gradually returned to normal, Jacqui has continued to volunteer, and the calls have become an important part of her weekly routine. Her commitment has created a welcome routine for both her and the people she speaks to.

Reflecting on her experience, Jacqui shares, "The calls have become a part of my routine now. Every Tuesday afternoon I set aside a few hours and make calls. When I call people up, they are always delighted to hear from me. I can tell it means a lot to them, and that they really benefit – and I do as well."

Jacqui describes her volunteering experience as incredibly rewarding, emphasising the profound impact a simple phone call can have on someone's day.

"It’s been such a rewarding experience. It’s amazing the difference a call can make to someone’s day; it’s simple and anyone can do it."

Although just a simple phone call to Jacqui, her efforts play a crucial role in reducing feelings of social isolation and loneliness. The regular connection helps improve the mood, confidence, and overall wellbeing for both the individuals she chats to, and herself.

"A friendly chat can really make a difference. Through volunteering I’m Playing My Part, and helping my local community feels good."

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