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Referrer survey

The aim of the referrer survey was to understand the experience of professionals referring into the programme and gain insight to inform programme improvements. The survey was completed by 348 respondents in October 2020. The survey asked questions on general experience of the programme, satisfaction with the programme, what improvements needed to be made, and likelihood of future use.

The main headline findings are:

  • 72% of those responding to the survey came from the healthcare system (GP, link workers, hospitals, social care providers, pharmacist, NHS 111)
  • 47% of professionals heard about the programme through NHS communications
  • 78% stated they were attracted to the programme because it helped them to address urgent needs of their patients to stay at home/stay safe
  • 81% of professionals referred in multiple patients
  • 59% stated that it did not duplicate local provision
  • 63% would use the programme for any subsequent COVID-19 waves
  • 59% would like to use it year round.

Feedback & comments

We welcome feedback and comments on these working papers and the programme.

If you wish to provide feedback, please contact Dr Allison Smith.