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Volunteer Responders programme

The Volunteer Responders programme was set up at pace and scale in March 2020 to support people vulnerable to COVID-19, those shielding or isolating, and the NHS in England. This programme was a new innovation in health and micro-volunteering which brought together three new partners – NHS England, Royal Voluntary Service, and a tech social enterprise called GoodSAM.

The programme continues to evolve as the needs of patients and the NHS change (e.g. COVID-19 spikes, winter/flu season, supporting the NHS business as usual work). Therefore, understanding the impact of this programme, changing needs, and any service improvements quickly are critically important.

Evaluation papers on the NHS Volunteer Responders programme

These evaluation papers are based on surveys we have conducted with our three key groups from July 2020 to March 2021.

Volunteer survey

NHS Volunteer Responders who provide support to individuals, communities and the NHS.

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Feedback & comments

We welcome feedback and comments on these working papers and the programme.

If you wish to provide feedback, please contact Dr Allison Smith.