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Is volunteering for me?

How do you know if volunteering is the right thing for you? Our answer is simple: volunteering is for everyone. In fact, most of us already do it without thinking about it. 

Every time you take part in a PTA or community group, you’re volunteering. Even things like shovelling snow off a shared pavement, or cutting the grass in a communal area, counts as volunteering. 

The difference in volunteering through Royal Voluntary Service is that we help you find activities that really work for you. You'll be joining one of the country's largest and most established volunteering organisations. We match the time you have available, the skills you’d like to use and what you want to achieve with opportunities local to you. All our roles focus on assisting the NHS and supporting people's health and wellbeing, particularly those facing health challenges.

Find an opportunity

Start your volunteering journey and Play Your Part to help make a difference in communities and the NHS across England, Scotland and Wales.

Volunteering helps you achieve your goals

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons. They might want to meet new people who share their interests, or get to know their local community. They might be driven by their own values or beliefs.

Some want to develop or exercise particular skills, some want to help create, drive or sustain a new initiative in their part of the world. Most want to help others and make a difference.

Whatever your motivation for volunteering, we will work with you to identify the opportunities that can help you realise it and achieve your goals.

Something for everyone

You don’t need to be any particular type of person to enjoy volunteering. If you’re happy in company, you could join a community team. If you like meeting new people, you could work in a shop or café. 

Equally, if you enjoy working by yourself, there are plenty of roles for behind-the-scenes or solo activities that give you some quality ‘me’ time while doing some good for others. 

Part of our job is to make sure you find the right role and an environment you feel safe and happy to work in. 

Supporting you at every step

Whatever you decide to do as a volunteer, you can be sure we’ll be there to help you with questions or concerns, starting with initial training that will help you get the most out of the time you’re donating. We’ll also be there for you throughout your volunteering journey, to make sure that what you do continues to meet the goals you have set for yourself as these shift and change over time.

Want to know more?

Royal Voluntary Service has been inspiring volunteers for more than 80 years.