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"Volunteering has given me skills to help my career."

Amma volunteers with Royal Voluntary Service’s Home From Hospital service. She helps people returning home from hospital by providing practical and emotional support to help them settle in and recover well. This support might include assistance with shopping; prescription collection; transport to health and social appointments; support to achieve goals, build confidence and increase activity; and regular follow-up calls, visits, and signposting. In her role, Amma makes sure they have everything they need to get back to health, and doing the things they love, as quickly as possible.

Amma, who is currently studying social care, sees volunteering as an important part of her journey toward a meaningful career.

"Volunteering has given me skills to help my career. It’s given me more reason to pursue it."

"I’ve come to understand that everyone needs someone. I’ve always been a strong, independent person, but I’m beginning to realise it’s important to let people in and ask for help. Volunteering has a real value; it's not just about you helping others, it’s about you."

During the pandemic, unable to meet in person, Amma continued to volunteer with the Home From Hospital service, providing valuable phone call support, and offering companionship and friendship. Amma remembers working with an inspirational man who helped change her outlook on life, reinforcing the idea that no matter the situation, it's important to be grateful for life.

"Despite his own health challenges, he had a very positive outlook. I would often say to him, ‘When I’m your age, I want to be like you.’

"Sometimes we get to a certain point in our lives and complain and are frustrated with everything, but his attitude was so cheerful. Despite the pain and everything, he still felt blessed.

"He was just glad to be alive and that is something we need to value more."

Amma believes that volunteering is an enriching experience that can benefit both the volunteer and individual being supported, making a positive impact in the lives of all involved.

"Volunteering is a way for me to Play My Part and it is something I would recommend to everyone. I’ve learnt lots of useful skills through volunteering, and it has been such a rewarding experience."

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