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How we help

Dementia, for those who live with it and for the people who care about them, can be a lonely and frightening illness. It can also cause issues with confidence, preventing people from continuing to do the things they enjoy.

Our dementia support services are designed to help those who live with dementia to keep up the lifestyle they enjoy for as long as possible, and to offer some comfort and support when they’re facing unfamiliar or difficult situations.

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Community dementia support

Living with dementia doesn’t have to mean giving up the things we love. With the right support, people can maintain a healthy, active, social and stimulating lifestyle, and that’s what our teams of staff volunteers aim to provide.

Our teams across the UK offer a range of support for people living with dementia and their carers across our three offerings: Remember Me cafés, Living Well with Dementia groups and Memory Lane cognitive stimulation therapy groups.

Teams of outgoing volunteers help staff to host these fun and social support groups and cafés that include a variety of offerings, such as home-cooked lunches, gentle exercise, cognitive stimulation therapy, crafts, games and drop-in information sessions.

As well as providing important practical support, our groups help people living with dementia to stay active in their community and ultimately boost social connectivity, health and wellbeing.

Dementia support in hospital

For people with dementia, staying in hospital can be disorienting and frightening. Our On Ward services help to combat that disorientation by providing a comforting presence and some sense of structure throughout the experience.

As well as cognitive stimulation therapy programmes, our trained volunteers offer company and reassurance in an unfamiliar setting and during what can be unfamiliar procedures like X-rays or other examinations.

The overall aim is always to provide the patient with the support they need in a way that makes sense to them.

Other ways we can help

We're here to support with a range of services to make things easier.

We support NHS Trusts and the wider integrated care system

Royal Voluntary Service works with local and national partners to provide flexible tailor-made service solutions in people's homes and in healthcare settings.