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Donate now and be a lifeline to people throughout Britain

A donation from you today could help us to deliver our front-line services to more clients, and support people in hospitals and communities by:

  • supporting patients as they return home from hospital alone, helping them to get back on their feet
  • providing safe and secure transport to our clubs, and to and from essential medical appointments
  • making personal calls and welfare checks
  • increasing the number of our lunch and social clubs so that people can enjoy a hot, nutritious meal in the company of others.


Help someone like John

"When I had my leg amputated due to restricted blood vessels, had initial support from Social Services, but when that stopped, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I have problems with my remaining foot, which means walking even a short way very painful.

"Thankfully, Royal Voluntary Service said they could help and that was when I met Hawa. Since then, every week without fail, she’s been my lifeline. Her visits have become the highlight of my week.

"Hawa’s done so much for me. I’ll never forget the time when I fell. I couldn’t reach the phone and I’d been laying on the floor all night when I heard Hawa’s knock at the door. She’d just popped over to check up on me and when she heard my shouts for help, she called the emergency services. I dread to think what would have happened without her. She’s always looking out for me." – John.

How your donation could help

£2 could cover the cost of a personal companionship call and welfare check.

£10 could help a vulnerable person safely attend a vital medical appointment through our patient transport service.

£30 could help support someone returning home from hospital alone with ongoing visits, food shopping and prescription collections.

£50 could cover the cost of a ‘Home from Hospital Care Package’ which includes a dressing gown, slippers, a blanket, and a hot water bottle.

£70 could cover the cost of recruiting, training, and placing a volunteer in an NHS hospital or local community. This will help us to be there for more vulnerable people when it matters most.

To people returning home from hospital in your community, every donation makes a difference.

Giving our all, always

Demand for our services is rising. The cost-of-living crisis is having a huge impact on physical and mental health, and each day we are seeing the repercussions of soaring food costs on the people we help. On top of this there is a growing concern around increased loneliness and isolation as a direct outcome of people not having the money to leave the house. Following so quickly from the enforced isolation that many of our clients faced during the pandemic, the long-term effects of this could be devastating.

Inevitably, there will be increased hospital admissions and further pressure on our NHS, and Royal Voluntary Service must be there to meet the need.

Your donation can help pay for our volunteers to provide personal, life-sustaining support for people at home and in hospitals.

When you give now, you help us to keep giving our all to those who need us most.

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Find out more on the ways we've been helping the NHS and Britain's communities and how you can get involved.

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