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Royal Voluntary Service has been on the front line during the Coronavirus pandemic

We have supported those most vulnerable to stay safe and well at home while shielding from the virus, ultimately reducing pressure on the NHS.

At the onset of COVID-19, Royal Voluntary Service together with GoodSAM, were asked by the NHS to deliver a national response to the crisis – the NHS Volunteer Responders. Here we saw hundreds of thousands of people step forward to join the programme. Together with our existing volunteers they have been there to support the most vulnerable people in our hospitals and communities. Their extraordinary support has saved lives, but there is still so much we need to do.

Your support could mean everything to someone struggling to cope alone

Over the coming months we face a monumental challenge as we see the human cost of extended periods in isolation play out. There will also be implications from deferred medical treatments, mental health struggles bottled up, and lack of physical activity. Many won’t have left their homes for a year, and their confidence to venture out will have been lost. For these people, recovery will be slower, and we will need to work harder to support that journey back to ‘normal’.

Our wide range of services will help vulnerable people to thrive

In hospitals and the community we will:

  • Support patients and staff on ward, identifying those who will need post-discharge services
  • Work with NHS Health & Social Care teams to plan successful transitions home from hospital
  • Aid recovery after a stay in hospital and avoid unplanned re-admissions
  • Help vulnerable people regain strength after illness
  • Transport people to medical appointments and help them access services they need
  • Connect people to their communities through social activities
  • Support those with long-term health conditions to stay physically and mentally active, through guided exercise and activity packs and online via our Virtual Village Hall

Thank you

Through the uncertain times ahead we must continue to help those who need support with their physical and mental health and wellbeing. With your help, Royal Voluntary Service will continue to be a lifeline to people in communities and hospitals across Britain.