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What will you bring to the table?

Nothing brings Britain together like a good spread… And it doesn’t get much better than Christmas, with its endless roasties and gravy-soaked pigs in blankets.

But, sadly, many people will spend Christmas alone. That’s why we want to provide a delicious and nutritious Christmas lunch in the company of others, for anyone and everyone who needs it. And you can bring something to the table.

Add a dish to Our Festive Spread from just £5!

Something for everyone

This Christmas, let’s come together for people who have become isolated and alone. For those who are spending the season in hospital, for those unable to leave their homes, and for those who – without our services – would go the entire festive period without seeing anybody at all.

From just £5, you can make all the difference to someone this Christmas. It’s a small gesture, but one we know will bring a smile to those who would otherwise spend the festive season alone.

Help us to be there for people like William

William is 85 years old and lives in Newcastle-under-Lyme. When his wife, Sylvia, was diagnosed with Dementia, William cared for her at home on his own. When she sadly passed away, William found himself isolated and alone.

Christmas is a difficult time for William. He is just one of thousands of people in Britain who, without our services, would be facing Christmas completely alone.

“The Christmas celebration at the Royal Voluntary Service centre is the only day over Christmas that I won’t spend on my own. Without it, I wouldn’t see anyone at all.” – William, 85.

Buying one of our thoughtful gifts today, you could help us to be there for someone like William. Someone who would otherwise go the entire festive period without seeing or speaking to anyone at all.

Which gift will you choose?

£5 could cover the cost of a hot Christmas lunch for an isolated older or vulnerable person at one of our volunteer-run lunch and social clubs.

£5 could help deliver a trolley visit to a hospital ward where friendly volunteers take the time to stop and chat with patients who are spending Christmas alone.

£10 could help us to send a volunteer to visit someone at home this Christmas time – someone who has become isolated and alone.

£25 could help us deliver a Christmas hamper to someone who may not see anyone at all over the festive period.

£50 could help us to deliver a ‘Keeping Safe and Warm’ hamper to someone who has recently returned home from hospital alone.

£125 could cover the cost of a Christmas lunch event at one of our lunch and social clubs. This could cover the cost of a hot, nutritious meal for up to 15 older or vulnerable people, with decorations and entertainment.

Other ways to support

There are many ways to support our Charity and the work we do in communities and in the NHS.

Weekly lottery

For just £1 a week you can be the reason someone smiles, helping us to support the NHS and local communities.

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12Ks of Christmas

Join #TeamRVS for the perfect countdown this festive period. Get active and swap the 12 Days of Christmas for the 12Ks of Christmas this December.

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