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Services Welfare

WRVS Services Welfare delivers an independent and confidential welfare support service, which is responsive to the needs of single and unaccompanied service personnel at military establishments in the UK and abroad.

Our team manages over 50 alcohol free recreation centres with leisure facilities, providing a relaxed, friendly and homely atmosphere during the evenings and weekends for predominantly single/unaccompanied personnel to spend free time and also speak to trained welfare professionals.

WRVS centres

Our centres are seen as 'chill out' areas where service personnel can relax or just catch up with friends. We offer a great range of activities, games and refreshments. We will happily fill up noodle pots and warm up pasties too!

We host a variety of fun, free of charge events in our centres throughout the year, so please come along.

Supporting serving personnel

We understand the unique demands of service life, whether it’s on UK soil or overseas. If there are ever times when you're feeling stressed, worried, ill, or having problems with work, family, relationships, life… we're here to help you. You are our primary focus and we want to ensure you are safe and well first and foremost. We provide independent confidential support, so please don’t be afraid to seek help, no matter what the issue is and if we can’t help, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to signpost you to someone who can.

We're even available for a brew and a chat – you don’t have to have an issue!

Supporting those in training

During training many will be having a great time but inevitably there will be some who are a little more uncertain. Some people might arrive hoping to forget about their problems, but sometimes being in a new and different environment can make individuals feel more isolated.

Others can arrive feeling relatively OK, but during training if you're feeling a bit down or struggling in anyway, we are available to listen and help you understand why certain things are carried out in certain ways.

We will give you the time and space to talk things through, so you can find a way forward. WRVS will help you to explore your options so you can make decisions that are right for you. Talk to us any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you.

Also, if you are concerned about one of your mates let us know and we will see how we can help and support them too.

Supporting parents

It can be an exciting but daunting time for parents when their son or daughter starts a military career. Some settle in quickly and once they have, you can relax knowing that they are enjoying their new life. 

Others may not adjust so well and you may be concerned that they aren't making friends, settling in or enjoying the experience. We understand that it can be very hard for a parent to know that their child is unhappy and some might feel powerless or unable to help.

WRVS, along with the training teams, are here to support your son or daughter. If they are struggling in some way, please urge them to seek appropriate support from us or the training team. If they are unwilling to access appropriate support you can also make a call to us or the training team yourself. 

Please remember, whilst we can receive your referral, we cannot share any confidential information about your child. WRVS respects them as independent adults and is obligated under the Data Protection Act 1998 to hold their personal data confidentially. This may be frustrating but we ask you to respect the limitations placed upon us by law.

Further support

In an emergency the WRVS team works alongside military and other welfare support services to provide wellbeing support for military personnel when needed. Although, our centres are open during the day, evening and weekends, we are not an on-call emergency service. If you are struggling to cope or need urgent help, you must contact one of the following services:

  • The Guardroom.
  • The Army Welfare Service is available on 01904 882053, Monday to Friday 08:30 to 16:00.
  • The Samaritans anytime on 116 123 or email
  • You can join, a 24/7, safe and anonymous community where you can talk with people, under the guidance of trained professionals.
  • Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire Service) – 999 (only call this in an emergency).

Remember – do not be afraid to get help. Your well-being and safety is everyone’s number one  priority.

WRVS Services Welfare Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 2778476. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Voluntary Service registered charity numbers 1015988 and SC038924 which has HM The Queen as its President.

Registered office Hanley Centre, 29 Charles Street, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST1 3JP.