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The difference we made - 2019

In 2019, over 18,000 volunteers gave their time and talent to help people in their communities and to support our NHS.

How Royal Voluntary Service helps:

We inspire and enable people across Britain to give the gift of voluntary service. Each year around 18,000 Royal Voluntary Service volunteers help to make their communities healthier and happier.

We help older people to move from crisis to confidence. Our volunteers support older people to recover from a stay in hospital and live confidently and independently at home. Each week, over 500 people attend our Healthy Happy Lives centres, where they receive support to improve their physical and emotional health.

We make sure older people have opportunities to stay connected to their communities. Over 15,000 people take part in our community clubs and activities.

We enable the NHS to make more time to care. Our volunteers provide comfort and compassion to staff and patients through our cafés, shops, trolleys, on ward services, guiding, discharge and patient transport services.

Royal Voluntary Service inspires and enables volunteers to meet the needs of the day in their  communities. We asked our volunteers and the people they help about the difference Royal Voluntary Service makes to their lives.

For volunteers, volunteering is a big part of their lives and helps them to feel more connected to their communities and that they are making a positive contribution:

  • 70% have more social contact and spend more time with people through volunteering.
  • 79% said that volunteering helps them to feel more connected to their communities.
  • 93% say volunteering helps them to make a positive contribution to society.
  • 61% have learnt new skills.
  • 86% say volunteering gives them a sense of purpose or satisfaction.

Older people have received life changing support when it mattered most:

  • 89% feel happier as a result of our services and community activities.
  • 74% feel more part of the community.
  • 66% feel healthier as a result of our services and community activities.
  • 79% are more able to do the things which are important to them.
  • 69% feel more able to cope.
  • 75% have more social contact.