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Our impact

Royal Voluntary Service was set up over 80 years ago and since then, has inspired and enabled more than 3 million people to give their time to help address the needs of the day in their local communities and in the NHS.

At the onset of COVID-19, Royal Voluntary Service was called upon to deliver a national response to the crisis built on volunteer effort. By blending the best of humanity with digital innovation we enabled hundreds of thousands of volunteers to contribute. Their extraordinary support has saved lives.

We are one of the largest voluntary service organisations in Great Britain with volunteers who give their skills, experience, energy and time to provide practical help, companionship and support to people in need in hospitals, at home and in the community. The charity is one of the UK’s largest hospital retailers with volunteer-run shops, cafés and trolley services providing tea and company to patients, hospital staff and visitors.

The difference Royal Voluntary Service makes

As a charity we publish our results in the following ways:

Talk to us...

We're always happy to share our experiences and discuss new ways we could work together in partnership in the NHS and in the community.