Research service

Research service
Royal Voluntary Service offers a commercial research service to compliment its free enquiry service which is charged at £30 per hour (including VAT). Please contact us about the research service using our online enquiry form.

We’ll make an assessment and contact you with an estimate of the number of hours it will take to answer your enquiry and when we will be able to fit this work into our busy schedule. Once this has been agreed, you’ll receive an invoice and will need to make payment in advance via BACS or cheque.

All work will be completed in ten working days of receipt of payment, subject to the conditions in section 2.4.4 of our access policy.

You can also use the Research Service if you need an answer to your question within ten working days. You should include the title ‘Research Service’ at the head of your enquiry and let us know when you require the information by.

Please be aware that due to the nature of historical research and the survival of records, it may be that despite additional research Royal Voluntary Service may still not be able to answer your enquiry.

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