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Ordering photocopies

To obtain copies of documents, photographs or items held in our Heritage Collection for non-commercial, research and private study purposes, you will need to complete and send to us by post or email a Copyright Declaration form.

You will need to include the full reference numbers of any copies you wish to be made.

If you have made an enquiry through the enquiry service, these will be provided to you in your reply.

If you have found items in Heritage Online which you wish to have copied, you will need to provide all of the full reference numbers for the documents you require e.g.:

WRVS/HQ/NR/R1/1939-CB/WHP (these are all the narrative reports for West Hartlepool for 1939)

If you just wanted the report for a particular month such as April, you should add the month at the end e.g.:


No charge is made for making copies for non-commercial research and private study purposes. However, any copying must be able to be completed within the hour of the free enquiry service. If all of the copying cannot be made within that time, you will be informed. In these circumstances, you will be referred to the research service.

All copies are provided electronically as watermarked PDF files.