Royal Voluntary Service makes a charge for some of the services provided by our Heritage Collection.

On receipt of an invoice you can pay by BACS or by sending a cheque made payable to ‘Royal Voluntary Service’ quoting your enquiry reference number which will be provided when we reply to your enquiry.


There is no charge for the provision of copies or documents, photographs and other items within the Royal Voluntary Service Heritage Collection.  However, if copying will take longer than the free hour under our enquiry service, you will be directed to our research service.

Publication (standard uses)

VAT at 20% will be added to all orders.

Prices listed are for a half page reproduction of a single image; for a full-page add 25% for a double page spread add 50%. All rights are non-exclusive.

Publication use
One country,
one language
one language
Books, newspapers, magazines and journals
£60 £120
Specialist academic or educational journal
£30 £60
Book/magazine cover
£150 £300
TV/Film – flash, up to 30 seconds £60  £90
TV/Film – flash up to 30 seconds, inclusive of cable, satellite, video and online streaming (10 years)  N/A £200
TV/Film – unlimited use for a single  specified programme, all media inc. online (10 years)  N/A £300
 Websites – (10 years) N/A £90

Publication (non-standard use)

Publishers who wish to use any Heritage Collection image for a use not listed above should contact Royal Voluntary Service for a quote.

Research service

Price inclusive of VAT.

 1 hour (or part thereof)

Please note that each hour will include all work required to answer your enquiry including any copying, writing up and correspondence, not just the research element.

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