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Enquiry service

Royal Voluntary Service offers a free enquiry service, where we will spend up to one hour answering enquiries about the history of WVS/WRVS/Royal Voluntary Service using the records held in our Heritage Collection.

This service is provided by the team of volunteers at our Heritage Collection supervised by the Keeper of Heritage.

You can make an enquiry online or contact us by post or by phone.

We’ll aim to answer your enquiry to the best of our ability within 20 working days, however at busy times it may take longer to get back to you.

For full details of the enquiry service, please see our Access Policy.


About our enquiry service

To help you with your enquiry, we have produced the following guidence.

Research service

If we are unable to fully answer your enquiry in the free hour, we also offer a paid for research service, for enquiries which require more research.

Please be aware that due to the nature of historical research and the survival of records, it may be that despite additional research Royal Voluntary Service may still not be able to answer your enquiry.


Make a donation

Royal Voluntary Service is a registered charity, dedicated to inspiring people to give the gift of volunteering to meet the needs of the day in their communities. In answering your enquiries Royal Voluntary Service is using valuable resources. If you feel you are able, please give a donation to help cover the cost of answering your enquiry.