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Our history

For 80 years, WVS, WRVS and today as Royal Voluntary Service, has inspired more than three million women and men to give their time to help others.

The driving force behind the organisation has been our founder, Lady Reading. Our world today may be very different to that of 1938, but her words still resonate with us.

"As a nation we require voluntary service today as much as we have ever done in the past. It is a proud expression of individual duty."

Lady Stella Reading, Founder, WVS

Royal Voluntary Service inspires and enables people to give the gift of voluntary service to meet the needs of the day, in hospitals and in local communities. We’ve got big plans and our aim is to support two million people by 2028. It’s incredibly important that we achieve this as the ageing population – and the challenges facing older people, like loneliness and ill health - is growing.

Our volunteers are helping us to do this – just as they have done since the beginning. Volunteering is enjoyable, rewarding and good for our health and wellbeing, whatever our age, background or stage of life. By volunteering now, you can help people in need live more independent, fulfilled and happy lives.

"Too many people think of volunteers as a means to an end, as cheap labour. True voluntary service is nothing of the kind. It is, in fact, the gift of a thoughtful person of their skill, their energy and their time."

Lady Stella Reading

Originally founded in 1938 as the Women’s Voluntary Services for Air Raid Precautions, Royal Voluntary Service is the largest volunteering organisation in British history.

WVS was initially formed to help recruit women into the ARP movement assisting civilians during and after air raids by providing emergency rest centres, feeding, first aid, and perhaps most famously assisting with the evacuation and billeting of children.

By 1943 the organisation had over one million volunteers and was involved in almost every aspect of wartime life from the collection of salvage to the knitting of socks and gloves for merchant seamen. After the war Royal Voluntary Service transformed to become a leading organisation in the field of social care, pioneering the practices that formed the cornerstone of modern social services.

In 1966 in recognition of the service WVS and its volunteers had given to this country we were granted the honour of adding ‘Royal’ to our title by our Patron, Her Majesty the Queen. We became the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service.

Since then Royal Voluntary Service and our services have evolved. We became an independent registered charity in 1992 and in 2004 changed our name once more to simply WRVS. In 2013, we became Royal Voluntary Service. We are now a major service provider giving practical help, particularly for older people, to enable choice, independence and dignity so people can enjoy an improved quality of life - all with the help of around 20,000 volunteers.

You can find out more of the history of WVS and Royal Voluntary Service, by exploring our fact sheets and schools' resources, or if you can’t find what you are after why not ask us a question using our enquiry service. You can also find out more about the Archive & Heritage Collection.

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