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Men in ShedsSheds are community spaces where people can come together to take part in practical skills and activities. Sometimes called Men’s Sheds or Community Sheds, they are designed and run by their members and provide opportunities for people to share tools, resources and skills in order to create, learn and develop social networks.

Shed activities often involve traditional crafts such as joinery, furniture renovation, metal work and mechanics, but each Shed meets the interests of its members and therefore may also include a broad range of activities such as gardening, model making, photography or baking.

Giving you the help you need

Support needs will vary depending on the type of each Shed but Royal Voluntary Service can help with things like:

  • Advice on how to keep your Shed running costs down
  • The types of governance and organisational structures that are available and how to decide what is best for your Shed
  • Advice on finding sources of funding and putting together a sustainable funding plan
  • Health & Safety and Risk Assessments
  • How to promote your Shed

Why are Sheds important?

Oler men and shedsEach Shed decides for themselves who they want to target to become members.

Sheds can play a particularly important part in meeting the needs of older people – particularly older men, who often do not feel that traditional services targeted at older people are right for them.

The creative, productive nature of Sheds provides an activity around which people can form bonds and networks, which may go on to benefit them outside of the Shed itself.

Royal Voluntary Service provides practical and emotional support to help older people get the best out of life. We believe that, with support, local communities and older people themselves can put in place their own solutions to tackling loneliness and isolation.

Working with the support of the Asda Foundation and in partnership with the national Shed Associations, we are supporting the development of Sheds across the UK. 

"We really value the clear thinking and the experience Royal Voluntary Service brings. It’s vital that we don’t fall into the many traps that exist for the unwary, and we don’t, as a small voluntary organisation, always have time on our side in the decision making process."

SLaMS: Somerset Levels and Moors Sheds

Sheds Grant Fund

Royal Voluntary Service, with funding from the Asda Foundation, has established a Sheds Grant Fund to provide small scale funding to Sheds who are looking for help with either set up or early stage development costs.


Asda Foundation

"Royal Voluntary Service have saved us many hours of research and heartache concerning likely sources of funding, suppliers of tools at wholesale prices, publicity and determining our target outcomes. Such excellent support is invaluable and greatly appreciated."

The Gateway Shed, Leek, Staffordshire

Is the Sheds Grant Fund right for you?

  • Do you need between £250 and £1,000?
  • Is your Shed run as a membership - co-ordinated by unpaid volunteers for the benefit of your members?
  • Is your Shed a member of (or willing to join) your national Men’s Sheds Association?
  • Are you happy to participate in local promotional or partnership opportunities, as may arise, with your local Asda store?

What can we fund?

Royal Voluntary Service can help you in many ways, including...
  • Tools and equipment
  • Building renovation costs - eg roofing/flooring materials
  • Revenue costs - eg rent/insurance contributions
  • Promotional materials

If you answered YES to all these questions, then the Sheds Grant Fund could be right for you.

How to apply

Sheds Grand Fund leaflet Applications for the Sheds Grant Fund is now open until 5pm, 24 June 2018

Application form [word]
Application form [pdf]

Guidelines for applicants [word]
Guidelines for applicants [pdf]

Examples of good answers [word]
Examples of good answers [pdf]

The grant panel will meet at intervals during 2016-18 to make decisions on complete applications, whilst funds are available.

Royal Voluntary Service can answer any questions from potential applicants to ensure the best possible outcome. We provide information and practical support to people and groups who are creating a Shed space for the first time or who need help in taking their Shed to the next level.

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