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Fill a jam jar and spread a little love

Jam Jar Empty your purse. Clear out your kitchen draw. Search the sofa.

We all collect spare change in our wallets, purses, pockets or kitchen drawers. Perhaps you’ll find a few coins by simply looking under your sofa cushions!

Well this is a chance to put those pennies to really good use – by filling a Royal Voluntary Service jam jar.

Place your jam jar where it can be seen easily, like a kitchen counter or mantle shelf. Get your family and friends involved and turn your pennies into pounds to help us enrich the lives of people who need it.

Filling a Royal Voluntary Service jam jar with your spare change is such an easy way to support vulnerable people. We’ll turn every penny or pound you collect into friendship and vital support.

Once your jam jar is full, simply pay the coins into your bank and donate the money you’ve saved by using our handy online form.

Or you can make your donation by phone by calling 0800 731 9197 or post to:

Jam Jars
Royal Voluntary Service
Beck Court
Cardiff Gate Business park
CF23 8RP

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Keeping in touch

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Pay in your donation

Once your jam jar is full don't forget to pay in your donation.

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