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Flexible tailor-made services from Royal Voluntary Services

Across NHS and Care Services capacity is stretched and budgets remain tight. Our committed people with time to care are the most precious resource of all, and that’s what we deliver.

Nobody mobilises the power of people like Royal Voluntary Service, and our volunteers are all in 110%. We put people at the heart of the services we offer, because we know that time spent with patients is one of the best ways to improve outcomes.

Our volunteers – guided by experienced staff - put in the hours and care needed to keep patients motivated and supported - waiting well at home, fighting fit for surgery, and recovering quicker afterwards.

Our volunteers help people live their best lives, without watching the clock.

Our services are powered by our people, delivering better outcomes for the people we serve.

Our services

A people powered solution to delivering Health and Care Support

Wrap around support

Our services can be tailored to your needs

At home:

  • Personalised plan
  • Active signposting
  • Welfare calls
  • Visits
  • Equipment delivery
  • Home assessment
  • Medication collection
  • Hydration/nutrition
  • Assisted shopping
  • Social networks
  • Seated exercise
  • Settle in
  • Transport.

We support NHS Trusts and the wider integrated care system

In healthcare settings:

  • Discharge lounge
  • Dementia support
  • Meet and greet.

Get in touch with us

We're always happy to share our experiences and discuss new ways we could work together to provide flexible tailor-made solutions in people's homes and in healthcare settings.