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Reducing cancellations and improving waiting list efficiency

Our staff and volunteers help patients to wait well, by providing health support and coaching so they are better prepared for treatment.

We provide:

  • Health coaching – with a focus on health condition management, and pre/post operative recovery
  • Strength-based exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Social connections – in person, by telephone and virtually
  • Transport to health appointments.


For individuals:

  • Increased independence at home and access to the community and community services
  • Increased physical strength and resilience
  • Reducing loneliness and isolation, improving mental wellbeing
  • Support for long-term health conditions and dementia
  • Better post-operative outcomes.

For health and care services:

  • Reducing cancelled appointments and treatments
  • Reducing waiting lists
  • Improvement in health and wellbeing of those on waiting lists
  • Decreasing reliance on community services and GP visits.

Get in touch with us

We're always happy to share our experiences and discuss new ways we could work together to provide flexible tailor-made solutions in people's homes and in healthcare settings.