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This role is about supporting and empowering people to be independent and stay connected to their communities.


Community companion volunteers transform the lives of people by supporting and empowering them to live the life they want and stay connected to their communities. Whether it is dropping in for a cuppa, a trip to the shops, bringing friends together for lunch or changing a light bulb, our volunteers make a real difference to the people they support.

You will work with an individual to identify what would improve their life and then support them to take positive steps to connect to their community and reduce their isolation. This could include one-to-one or group activities and may link into other services in the area - whatever suits the person. Your role will involve elements of lone working and building a relationship with those you visit, which is hugely rewarding for both you and the person you visit. We also have opportunities available for people with specific skills, so please tell us what your strengths are when we meet.

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Come join our team in Wimborne.

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