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Volunteer Co-ordinator


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In this role you'll be empowered to set up and lead your own activities and clubs in your local area. You'll support people to access these initiatives and will make a real difference to your community.


Volunteer Co-ordinators are the people who respond to local need by running activities in the local community, and providing those services that so many people rely on. We are looking for Volunteer Co-ordinators to spend one or two hours a week, leading a club or activity group, either on your own or with a friend or as part of a team. The activity could be just about anything! It really is up to you.

Volunteer co-ordinators need to be resourceful as people will look to you to solve any problems that arise. An eye for detail will be an asset to ensure the service is run in a safe and legal manner. You'll also have to be tactful at times, and always respect the confidentiality of both volunteers and to the people who visit. In return, You'll enjoy developing skills and experience, being part of a team, meeting new people and knowing you're contributing to the work of Royal Voluntary Service. Most of all, You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're making something happen for your community and changing lives for the better. We also have opportunities available for people with specific skills, so please tell us what your strengths are when we meet.

You will receive relevant training for your role and will be welcomed and supported by a friendly local team.

Where you'll be based

Come and join our team of volunteer co-ordinators throughout South Wales

Commitment required

Day Shifts
Monday flexible to suit you
Tuesday flexible to suit you
Wednesday flexible to suit you
Thursday flexible to suit you
Friday flexible to suit you
Saturday flexible to suit you
Sunday flexible to suit you

Being a volunteer coordinator means you would usually be available around the times that your activity operates.

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