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Why volunteer

Why volunteer with Royal Voluntary ServiceHere are ten great reasons to become a Royal Voluntary Service volunteer:

Royal Voluntary Service is one of the largest volunteer organisations in the country. The variety of volunteer opportunities means our volunteers are never bored. They love their work with older people because it’s enjoyable, rewarding and inspiring. Here are ten reasons to join the many thousands who already volunteer with us.

1. Make a difference

Voluntary service is highly rewarding. It’s good for you, for community and for the country. Our 20,000 dedicated volunteers make a significant difference in society by meeting the needs of the day and by supporting those in need in hospitals, at home and in the community. Through the gift of voluntary service, we keep people happy, healthy and connected.

2. Make yourself feel great

Time spent volunteering not only does good, it makes you feel good (and live longer) too. Whether you’re visiting a lonely older person at home, organising a tai chi class in the community or serving refreshments in a hospital cafe, the personal satisfaction gained from providing practical help to someone that needs it is huge. In our 2017 volunteer experience survey (1,830 volunteers), 98% said volunteering gave them a sense of purpose and satisfaction. 73% said it helped them feel healthier.

3. Meet interesting people

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: volunteer work is fun. Royal Voluntary Service work is about getting to know some of the most interesting people in your neighbourhood, building friendships, sharing a cup of tea and enjoying each others’ company. 

4. Be inspired and be inspiring

The older people in your community have a unique perspective on life. They’ve lived longer, experienced more, learned how to survive through good times and bad. They are a constant source of inspiration that too few get to know. Whatever your age and life experiences, you’ll also find the feeling’s mutual. Phrases like ‘my lifeline’, ‘my rock’, ‘the person who lifts my day’, ‘the person I couldn’t be without’ show the value of what you do as a volunteer. 

5. Get out and about

Gifting your time to voluntary service means getting out and about to spend a little of your time with people in need. Whether you’re driving clients to hospital appointments, delivering books to those that can’t get to a library or cooking lunch at a community dining club, volunteering with Royal Voluntary Service will keep you active. We’re structured so that every corner of Britain is covered by our services. That means there are, more than likely, volunteer opportunities close to you.In our 2017 volunteer experience survey (1,830 volunteers), 92% said they felt more connected to their community and 78% said they had more social contact as a result of volunteering.

6. Career kudos

If you’ve started looking for work, want to get back into employment after a career break or are a student wanting valuable experience for your CV, volunteering is a great way to show employers your commitment. Royal Voluntary Service is a large, established and well-known UK charity, which we hope will open doors for you as you develop your career.

7. Learn new skills

As Royal Voluntary Service grows, we're going to need lots of people to do lots of different things – driving, helping with art or IT classes, working in a shop or in a hospital ward, or simply spending time visiting someone. We also need help with specialist roles – like social media, marketing, fundraising or organising things. Once you’re on board there’s almost limitless scope to use your existing skills and develop new ones to help us improve our work with older people. 

8. Make the most of your retirement

If you’ve recently retired, volunteering is a great way to continue to do worthwhile work and keep your confidence levels high at a time when it can be difficult to transition out of employment. You’ve probably got a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience that could be really useful to your local Royal Voluntary Service.

9. It's flexible

Our volunteers tell us that they get a lot of satisfaction from their work. We offer flexible volunteering opportunities in a wide variety of roles and locations, so whether you have one hour a week or several days a month to give, we can find an opportunity to suit. We embrace diversity. Our volunteers range in age and life stage, from those in their teens to those in their 90s and come from different cultures and backgrounds. Each brings their own experiences and skills.

10. Be part of an important, and growing, movement 

The simple acts of kindness that our volunteers do not only make life better for the individuals they touch. When added together, they make communities stronger and help relieve the pressure on overstretched public services and the NHS. We are a big, UK-wide charity but our philosophy of voluntary service is rooted in local communities. We believe local volunteers are the best people to see what needs doing and how it should be done. Our job is to inspire and enable them, rather than tell them what to do.

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