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Arranging some seasonal flowers and foliage in a favourite vase, jug or jar is a wonderful way to bring nature indoors. At the Virtual Village Hall, our floristry tutors demonstrate how to make some simple arrangements to brighten up your day.  

Some floristry activities involve using sharp tools, materials or equipment. Please take care to ensure that your health and safety are a priority when taking part in these sessions. 

Tutor: Jessica Notley, award-winning willow artist, florist and designer

In this delightful session, willow artist and florist Jessica demonstrates how to make a willow heart with fresh flowers.

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Sue, florist and illustrator

In this colourful session, florist and illustrator Sue demonstrates how to make a simple but beautiful floral arrangement using flowers and foliage that can be found in the garden, on a walk or from a store/supermarket.

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