Zumba Live: Live Zumba class

Tutor: Helen, Zumba instructor

Zumba is a fun fitness programme to upbeat music that mixes in different dance moves. This lively \class is suitable for both beginners and regular Zumba fans. We think you’ll really enjoy Zumba instructor Helen’s enthusiasm and positivity as she takes you through a warm-up, some fun dance moves to music and a stretch and cool-down to finish. Make sure you have plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy moving to the music. Helen’s session is easy to follow and she will give suggestions for lower intensity moves for those that need them. For anyone with mobility issues, you may wish to use the back of a chair for stability.

Visit our YouTube page to see previous sessions for the Virtual Village Hall.

Prep: make sure you have plenty of space, clear any potential hazards, put on comfortable shoes/trainers and turn up the music!  

Session time: 20 minutes





What you need to take part:

  • Space to stretch out and move
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes/trainers
  • A chair or surface to hold on to for anyone with mobility issues
  • Water

Find out more at dance-classes-north-wales.co.uk


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