Let's get strumming 2 - the 4 magic chords

Tutor: Dominic, professional musician and ukulele teacher

Let's get strumming 2! In this second session, ukulele teacher Dominic continues with his introduction to the ukulele. This time he explores the Magic Four Chords - C major, A minor, F major and G minor. You'll be amazed at the variety of songs you'll be able to play. Dominic also explains how to tune a ukulele and the session has an accompanying chord sheet to download and print.

Prep: none

Video time: 60 minutes



Materials and equipment you'll need to take part:

  • A ukulele and tuner

Find more at getstrumming.co.uk, on Facebook facebook.com/getstrummingtutorials and Instagram instagram.com/get.strumming

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