Make a gift box from recycled cards

Tutor: Sue Pamphlett, craft entusiast

Craft tutor Sue shows how to upcycle old greetings cards into attractive gift boxes for friends and family. Either leave your finished gift box plain or add a bow, ribbon, buttons or glitter to give a unique decorative finish. Why not have fun and enjoy experimenting with different size cards, boxes and decorations?

Prep: prepare your materials and clear a space to work

Video time: 11 minutes



Materials and equipment you'll need to take part:

  • Scissors, pencil and ruler
  • Old greeting cards or pretty card
  • Cellotape (optional)
  • Bow, ribbon, buttons or glitter if you want to decorate the finished box and glue to fix your decoration of choice (optional)
Woman cutting gift wrapping Woman demonstrating a box


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