How to make flowers from recycled materials

Tutor: Sue, crafter

Join craft tutor Sue as she demonstrates how to transform recycling materials into beautiful decorative flowers. Add twigs collected from the garden or on a walk for a natural looking arrangement.

Prep: collect up recycling materials; clear a space to work

Video time: 22 minutes (allow for additional time to pause the video to follow the instructions or to try out a technique



Materials and equipment you'll need to take part:

  • Recycling materials e.g. plastic bags, bin liners, sandwich bags, tissue paper, plastic straws
  • Wire, string or twine
  • A cup to use as a weight
  • Scrap paper, ideally coloured
  • Twigs - optional
  • Sharp scissors
  • A ruler
  • Tea light on heatproof mat
  • Lighter

Crafting flowers Making flowers from recycled materials

Making flowers from recycled materials


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