An introduction to drawing: Looking through the window

Tutor: Liz Emtage, art teacher and ceramicist

Join art teacher Liz as she introduces us to the wonderful world of drawing. Anyone can draw and Liz takes us through some simple steps, with the aim of putting pencil to paper, expressing ourselves and having some fun. No drawing or art experience required.

Prep: find an object from your home that you like to look at; put the object on a sheet of white paper in front of you; use a board, large book or table to lean on.

Video time: 17 minutes



Materials and equipment you'll need to take part:

  • An object to draw and a sheet of white paper to put it on
  • A book, board or table to lean on
  • A soft pencil (2B – 6B) or HB pencil
  • Paper

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Pencil drawing on paper  Liz Ertage

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