Retail solutions for NHS Trusts and Health Boards

What we can offer

  • Hospital retail services from Royal Voluntary ServiceWith over 78 years’ experience in supporting the needs of the nation, Royal Voluntary Service can offer you a unique retail opportunity
  • Royal Voluntary Service fully supports and promotes the NHS drive for healthy eating choices
  • Royal Voluntary Service works in partnership with NHS Trusts and Health Boards on all healthy eating requirements and reporting (HLA / HRS / CQUIN)
  • Our retail operations made £40 million in 2015-16 and the money raised supports the charity’s work to help older people in the community

Six great reasons to choose Royal Voluntary Service as your partner

1. Healthy living agenda

Royal Voluntary Service will help you to inspire your staff, patients and visitors with great healthy eating options. We are dedicated to leading the way and setting the agenda for what a professional, responsible retailer should represent.

2. Financial flexibility

We offer a range of financial options, from gifting to guaranteed rental, designed to be flexible to the needs of each NHS Trust and Health Board.


3. Our retail solutions

Royal Voluntary Service is redefining retailing solutions for NHS Trusts and Health Boards. We understand the needs of the modern Trust and Health Board, and have the options available to create a professional and successful retail environment that is progressive and in tune with the modern customer.

Tea & Co

Shop & Co

Revitalise  - the healthier choice

4. Our experience

With over 400 shops, cafés and trolleys in more than 200 NHS locations throughout Great Britain, Royal Voluntary Service has been at the heart of providing refreshments to the NHS for decades.

5. Volunteer network

NHS staffRoyal Voluntary Service retail has over 7,000 volunteers and employees who give their time to benefit their hospital and local community. Our volunteers will help to put your hospital at the heart of the local community; adding care, commitment and dedication as they fulfill their role.

6 Charitable goals

Our retail outlets fund the charity’s wider work supporting vulnerable older people in hospital, at home and in the community. Funds raised in our retail sites are often invested in developing local services for the benefit of local patients, such as our home from hospital service that provides support for patients who are due to leave hospital.

Retail Solutions for NHS Trusts and Health Boards

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Retail Solutions for NHS Trusts & Heath Boards

Healthier Choices Programme

Healthier Choices Programme

Royal Voluntary Service is the the largest retailer in hospitals in Britain. See the impact our Healthier Choices Programme is making.

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