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Urgent appeal: Help us recruit and train more volunteers

Britain is facing a serious healthcare emergency. With the COVID virus still in wide circulation and the NHS under extraordinary pressure, supporting vulnerable people at home has never been more important.

  • £10 could help a vulnerable person safely attend a vital medical appointment through our patient transport service
  • £30 could help support someone returning from hospital alone with ongoing visits, food shopping and prescription collections
  • £70 could cover the cost of recruiting, training, and placing a volunteer in an NHS hospital or local community

Please donate now to help us provide life-sustaining support to the most vulnerable this winter.

Please give what you can, so we can give our all

The winter months are proving to be extremely difficult for everyone, particularly for those who are living with long-term health conditions. We must act now to support the most vulnerable in our communities and provide a lifeline to those in need. Our services provide vital support to people in hospitals and in the community and a gift from you today could help us to:

  • Support our on-the-ground teams to deliver welfare checks
  • Deliver essential groceries and prescriptions
  • Arrange transport trips to vital medical appointments
  • Help with the hospital discharge process
  • Support recovery at home after a stay in hospital
  • Provide companionship for isolated people
  • Provide community activities to boost social connections, whether in person or online.

Funding will also allow us to enable the highest safeguarding standards, rapid volunteer recruitment and robust training processes.

The need is urgent, please stay safe and donate today.

Thank you

Always here to meet the needs of the day

Whatever the crisis, our volunteers have been giving their all since 1938 to fill the gap between hospital and home. Many patients returning from hospital lack the practical support they need to fully recover. And during this winter period, unnecessary hospital readmissions will put additional strains on the NHS.

Donations from people like you can help train more front-line volunteers to be there for those who desperately need us in this time of national crisis.

We need to train more volunteers for the busy winter period

“Now that winter’s hitting, we’re going to have more vulnerable people staying indoors, either avoiding the cold or petrified of rising covid cases. So we need to train and support more volunteers to be there for them – to do their shopping, bring their prescriptions, or just be the only human connection they have through these lonely months.

Hayley, Service Coordinator

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