Reporting on gender pay

Royal Voluntary Service has undertaken its second Gender Pay Gap analysis in line with the Government’s reporting obligations. Results are published annually on the website and Royal Voluntary Service publishes more detail on our own website.

For this report, we collected our staff data on 5 April 2018. On that date, the charity had 1,085 employees; 810 females and 275 males.

Basic analysis shows that on average the charity pays its females:

1% less than males -  Median gender pay gap in hourly pay
This is the difference between the median hourly rates of pay of male and female relevant employees.

12.7% less than males - Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
This is the difference between the mean hourly rates of pay of male and female relevant employees.

We know that a more detailed picture sits behind these figures

Gender Pay Report

As with many other charities, Royal Voluntary Service’s staff team is predominantly female. Until 2012 we were called “Women’s Royal Voluntary Service”.

We have three times as many females supporting our charity as males. This is 10% more females than the national average for UK charities.

More in depth analysis shows that when our whole staff team is divided equally into four groups based on their pay, the number of females outnumbers the number of males in all four groups.

Proportion of male & female UK employees according to quartile pay bands and mean quartile hourly rates

Gender Pay Report

Looking at the proportion of male and female employees in each group, we find a higher share of women than men are employed in the lowest quartiles.

Women are much more likely than men to work part-time and part-time employees tend to have lower pay and work in different roles to full-time employees.

However, females are therefore represented at every level across the charity. When female mean hourly pay rates are compared to males of the same pay grade, 95% of females are paid more, the same or within 99% of males.

Catherine Johnstone CBE
Chief Executive
Royal Voluntary Service

I confirm that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017

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