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Support for home maintenance, repairs and adaptations works differently in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so your first port of call should be your local authority, Care & Repair Agency (C&RA) or Home Improvement Agency (HIA). You can search for details of your local council at

Below are local, not-for-profit organisations that help people adapt, repair and improve their homes. The home visiting service is free and they'll give you help and support to maintain and adapt your home. They will also support you to apply for any grants available to cover the cost of adaptations and equipment.

In England:

To find your nearest Home Improvement Agency call 0845 864 5210

In Scotland:
Care and Repair Forum

Call 0141 221 9879 or visit

In Wales:
Care and Repair Cymru

Call 0300 11 3333 will direct you to your local Care and Repair Agency in Wales or visit

Home Improvement Trust

The Home Improvement Trust runs the House Proud scheme that provides information to those aged 60 and over and disabled people on funding major works to their homes.

Call 0800 783 7569, email them or visit or

Housing Care

Housing Care offers the First Stop Advice online centre and free advice line which covers all aspects of maintaining a secure and comfortable home, as well as support for anyone looking for alternative accommodation.

Call their advice line on 0800 377 7070, email them or visit

The Disabled Living Foundation

The Disabled Living Foundation is a national charity that provides information about the equipment and adaptations available for the home. It also runs an equipment demonstration centre.

Call 0845 130 9177, text phone 020 7432 8009, email them or visit

Living Made Easy, from The Disabled Living Foundation, provides impartial information and advice on daily living equipment, visit

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