Smart meters

Royal Voluntary Service is working with Smart Energy GB highlighting the benefits of switching to a smart meter to manage energy use at home.

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What is a smart meter and how can it benefit you?

Smart meters are the next generation of a gas and electricity meter. Installed by your energy supplier, they come with a handheld in-home device that shows you exactly how much gas and electricity you are using, in pounds and pence.

More than 21 million smart meters are now operating across Great Britain

Smart meters measure your energy usage and automatically send these readings to your energy supplier so you won’t have anyone coming round to read your meter, or need to search in hard to access cupboards to take readings yourself.

Replacing your traditional meters with smart meters means you can:
  • See exactly how much energy you’re using so on those chilly winter nights, when you might be concerned about the cost of turning the heating up, you can keep warm knowing exactly what it’s costing.
  • Monitor energy use to help you spot where you are wasting energy and where you could reduce and cut energy costs.
  • Receive accurate bills based on actual rather than estimated meter readings.
  • Top up via an app, your phone or in a shop if you are on prepay.
62% of those with a smart meter would recommend one”*

Benefits of smart meters to blind and partially sighted customers

Accessible in-home displays have been developed in partnership with the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). They have additional accessibility features such as large buttons, text-to-speech functionality, and more.

If you or a family member have sight loss or other accessibility needs, contact your energy supplier to discuss the available options.

Watch how a smart meter has made a difference to Marylin.

How to get a smart meter

Your energy supplier will be able to provide further information on smart meters, including the accessible in-home display. Check your gas or electricity bill for your supplier’s contact details.

Download a copy of If you're on a budget, a smart meter could make life easier to give to someone you know.

*Populus commissioned by Smart Energy GB, (March 2020), Smart Energy Outlook

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