Keeping active with health conditions

staying active with health conditions
Keeping active is more important than ever for people with health conditions while more of us spend increased time at home, because being active is all good for your health and wellbeing. Yet research undertaken by DJS Research highlights that COVID-19 has become the biggest barrier to physical activity, more so than worries about pain or making a health condition worse.

We are encouraging people to keep moving especially as we move away from COVID-19 restrictions and are able to enjoy the outside more during the summer months. Even small amounts of activity in and around the home or local area, throughout the day can make a difference. It doesn’t have to be an exercise video to count, dancing around your living room, stretching while watching tv or doing some gardening all adds up.

During this time, the charity’s hundreds of social clubs and groups are slowly reopening as it is safe to do so and where we are unable to meet our Virtual Village Hall has been designed to bring people together to enjoy activities at the same time. Whatever your ability or health condition, we hope you’ll find an activity to keep you on the move. From gentle exercises whether seated or standing, to mediation and yoga, our activities can take place in live sessions or by watching back in your own time.

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If someone you know needs support to be active at home with their condition, try to talk to them about being active; you can help to reassure them that however they move it can help them stay as well as possible. For tips on how to move more at home visit

Royal Voluntary Service is one of 15 charities leading We Are Undefeatable, a campaign supporting people with health conditions to be active in whatever way works for them.

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