Easy exercises to do at home

Royal Voluntary Service is working with Move it or Lose It to produce a number of short videos that demonstrate easy exercises you can do at home – some in the time it takes to make a cuppa!

These exercises are particularly important for those who have had a period in hospital, a recent fall or feel they are losing strength and mobility.

Above all it is important to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting or are inactive. Even small spurts of activity throughout the day can have significanthealth benefits and keep you independent and doing the things you love!

Individual exercises

Sit to stand – will help you get out of a chair

Marching and foot flexors – will help you with your mobility

Shoulder circles and open chest stretch – will help you get dressed

Hip and thigh strengthener – will help with your balance and getting out of a car

Arm strengthener – will help with shopping and every chores

Please note if you have particular health conditions (eg COPD, arthritis, etc) and haven’t discussed these with a Royal Voluntary Service member of staff or volunteer please check with your GP before doing these exercises.
Please exercise your common sense when considering this guide and whether to take any of the steps that may be suggested in it. Whilst we have taken reasonable care to ensure that any factual information is accurate and complete, most of the information in this guide is based on our views and opinions (and sometimes the views and opinions of the people or organisations we work with). As a result, we cannot make any promises about the accuracy or the completeness of the information and we don’t accept any responsibility for the results of your reliance on it.

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