Going home alone

Going home aloneThe report, Going home alone, assisted by The King’s Fund, marks the launch of our campaign Let’s end going home alone, which sees Royal Voluntary Service work in partnership with communities, local authorities and NHS Trusts to provide more volunteers in hospitals and support vulnerable older people in their homes following discharge from hospital.

We believe that by working together we can challenge the rising readmission rates for older people, to the benefit of everyone. We therefore urge everyone to support the ‘Let’s end going home alone’ campaign. Older people and their families, doctors, nurses, other charities, the general public and commissioners can all do something whether it’s volunteering, spreading the word or simply signalling your support of our campaign. We believe greater volunteer help through Home from Hospital schemes can improve the quality of older people’s lives long after a hospital stay and save the NHS millions of pounds.

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Let's end going home alone

Support our campaign by spreading the word, volunteering, making a donation or by commissioning local services.

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The good news is we're living longer. But we may get ill and hospital beds are scarce.  We often need support when we get home.

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