The importance of getting connected in this technological age

In this day and age, technology is everywhere and an integral part of our lives. We’re seeing older people becoming more tech-savvy, but it is still the case that many are missing out on the benefits of new technology.

Modern technology has great potential to deliver benefits to older people. However, we know that many feel left behind by the pace of change and the support needed to become familiar with it. Even as someone who once worked in the mobile phone sector and uses technology on a daily basis, I am amazed at the speed and regularity that it develops. As soon as you think you’ve grasped the way a gadget works, a newer shinier version becomes available!

EE techy Tea Party From making video calls to sending text messages, technology allows me to stay in touch with my family and friends across the globe. For those families who do not live near to each other, technology can bridge the gap between visits – it will never be a replacement for face to face contact – but it can mean conversation and interaction on a regular basis.

As we move into an ever growing digital society, more and more information and services are made available exclusively online. There are so many benefits for retirees that many older people are not accessing whether it’s finding a local lunch club, or sourcing health information online.

It’s easy to lose patience with technology and just stick to what you know – many of us are tempted to do that. Sometimes you just need someone to explain the basics and away you go.

I’m delighted that we’ve partnered with mobile network operator, EE and their NationalTechy Tea Party Day to do just that. From sending emails to exploring the internet – thousands of EE staff will be on hand in their stores on the 8 September to offer one on one support and advice about using technology. It’s time to dig out that gadget you got for Christmas and learn how to use it once and for all! I will be linking with my local EE store to see what they can offer me and other people in the Bedford area.

Sign up now on-line at to join a Techy Tea Party where you live or ask a friendly Royal Voluntary Service Manager or volunteer to help sign you up.

John Pearson, Chief Operating Officer

Posted by John Pearson, Cheif Operating Officer at 00:00 Tuesday, 28 July 2015.

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