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GrandFest puts Royal Voluntary Service on the map

Grandfest Grandfest

I often say that the Royal Voluntary Service is the country’s biggest and best kept secret, but at GrandFest last weekend it certainly felt the opposite.

As I approached Hoxton Square, everywhere I looked there was a GrandFest poster or banner – the whole community of Hoxton had got behind us. This trendy little pocket of London had embraced the idea of celebrating the skills of older people and it was a joy to see.

We couldn’t have found a better selection of GrandMakers to run our master classes, each one over the age of 70 and masters of their skills – some of which they had been practicing for over 30 years. The master class attendees were hanging on their every word, taking notes and asking questions. There was huge admiration for our GrandMakers and the skills they’d be doing so long that are now second nature, but none the less impressive for that. The silence in the room as 30 “beginners” tried to master crochet would have put a library to shame!

The success of GrandFest relied on so many people giving their time for free – from the entertainers, to the GrandMakers and retailers to the volunteers – I would like to say a huge thank you. Without your dedication and enthusiasm GrandFest would not have been a possibility or such a huge success.

GrandFest was about celebrating older people and the many skills we can learn from them. I’m delighted to say that it did just that and the feedback we’ve had shows how much interest there is in keeping traditional skills alive.

A big pat on the back to everyone involved. Now, back to my dough that still hasn’t risen….

David McCullough

Posted by David McCullough, CEO Royal Voluntary Service at 00:00 Wednesday, 24 June 2015.

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