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Local councils that cut social care will only push up costs in longer term

WRVS today responded to the House of Commons Health Select Committee report’s conclusions that a funding gap remains for providing social care.

The evidence is clear that if local councils do choose to move more older people out of social care support in the next year they will only push up costs in the longer term.

The committee are right to commend the stronger lead that ministers have given to expand joint working between the health service and local government and WRVS will closely monitoring how local decision makers deliver on this objective.

However, it is clear that we need real accountability at local level. We and others will also be asking ministers to report back at a national level on the picture that is emerging across the country.

Further info on the Health Select Committee here parliament.uk/healthcom

Posted by at 00:00 Wednesday, 15 December 2010.

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Give us a Lift! - Third Sector's Digital Campaign of the Week

This week the Give Us a Lift site is featured by Third Sector as their Digital Campaign of the Week. Anyone who watches Harry Hill's TV Burp will be tempted to sing that last bit (and the rest of you will just have to watch the programme to satisfy your curiosity).

Visit Third Sector's site to see what they have to say about the campaign and add your comments.

Take a look at giveusalift.org.uk to see what the campaign's all about. Find out how WRVS volunteers provide transport for older people across Great Britain and how you could help in your local community.

Posted by Julia Cook

Posted by at 15:31 Wednesday, 08 December 2010.