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Preventative Services

Yes, OK, it's a Scotland-related blog again but WRVS' take on the need to shift resources and money away from acute health care and residential care and towards community-based preventative services for older people in Scotland holds good for England and Wales.

The point is this: whilst there will always be a need for services that deal with problems after they arise, the more we can grow services that stop preventable problems from arising in the first place, the better lives older people will lead. And there's now a sizeable body of evidence that preventative services are cost efficient, with the potential to save the public purse millions of pounds.

That's what's likely to be of most interest to the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament, to whose inquiry on preventative spending this submission by WRVS was made.

Posted by Andrew Jackson at 14:05 Tuesday, 31 August 2010. 0 Comments

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