Fundraise at work

Fancy dress fundraisingTake time out at work and help to raise money for Royal Voluntary Service during your breaks. Not only will you be fundraising to help support our local services but it can help to raise morale and give you and your colleagues an excuse to have some fun!

Don’t forget to tell us about your fundraising efforts by registering your event and we can give you all the help and support you need to raise as much money as possible from your amazing efforts.

If you want some inspiration then look at some of our A to Z of fundraising ideas below.

If supporting a charity is one of your company’s corporate objectives then we can offer you many opportunities to work in partnership with Royal Voluntary Service and help improve the lives of older people. Call our corporate fundraising team on 0845 608 0122.

A - Auction

Auction Hammer
Bid for unwanted gifts or presents.  A great excuse to have a sort out and empty your cupboards.

B - Baby pictures

Collect some baby photos of your colleagues and hang in the kitchen for everyone to guess - the perfect passtime whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!

C - Casino party

Try your luck at Black Jack for charity.  Take over one of your meeting rooms for a lunch hour.

D - Dress Down day

Pay for the privilege of comfy clothes!  Just get everyone to donate £1, you'll be amazed how easy it is to raise money.

E - Egg and spoon race

Organise a race in the car park - be warned, it could get messy!

F - Fine box

The possibilities are endless! Start a fine box for swearing at work, turning up late or even missing a deadline.

G - Golf

Charity golf day, you can invite customers or clients to take part at a local golf course or for the less experienced, set up a course around the office using chairs or desks as obstacles.

H - Horse race

Hold an office sweepstake for the Grand National or the Derby.  Everyone can pick the name of a horse out of a hat.

I - Ironing day

Bring your ironing to work for a fee!

J - Jewellery Fair

Make and sell jewellery for some office sparkle!

K - Knitting

Put your needles together and form a knitting circle.  Not only can you pass on skills to others in your office but you can get sponsored for it! 

L - Loud tie day

Wear a loud whacky tie to work, you might even be doing it already!

M - Make-up

Who can make the best looking colleague?

N - No talking

Sponsored silence in the office for a day - might not be the best fundraiser if you're a reception but useful if you've got a report to write!

O - Office jukebox

Pay to hear your favourite tunes while you work.

P - Public leg waxing

Pay to see someone lose their manliness!  Ouch

Q - Quiz

Hold an office quiz with a small fee to enter.  See which team performs best.

R - Raffle

A great way to raise money, you can even open this one up to customers or clients.

S - Sponsored job swap

Sponsor your boss to work in the canteen!

T - Treasure Hunt

Pay to enter a treasure hunt around the office.

U - Underwear day

Wear your underwear on the outside! Don't just leave it to the Super heros.

V - Vacation

Get your company to donate a day’s holiday – Auction it off to the highest bidder.

W - World food

Get together and enjoy lunch together.  Everyone can bring some food from around the world to share.

X - Xbox

Xbox challenge, winner stays on!

Y - Yes day

Say yes to everyone’s demands and get sponsored for your efforts!

Z - Zoo day

Dress up as your favourite zoo animal for the day!

Picture credit: Plex, Dreamtime, iStock


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