Alice’s legacy

Alice is leaving a Gift in her Will to Royal Voluntary Service
There are lots of ways that people choose to support Royal Voluntary Service, one of the most valuable, is through a legacy and Alice has decided to do just that: leaving a gift in her Will to Royal Voluntary Service.

Alice has contributed to her local community in many volunteering roles since 1977. Initially she joined as an Emergency Team member and later managed the Emergency Service in Wiltshire.

Since the early 90s, Alice has played a fundamental role in the running and upkeep of Royal Voluntary Service’s Heritage Collection which preserves the charity’s rich history. She founded an Archive Support Group to bring people together who would be key in supporting the Heritage Collection for many years. Part of that role is encouraging volunteers to donate their historic documents to the archive.

"I feel very comfortable talking about legacies and I think people talk about it a lot more these days.

"My generation is very much of the opinion that we are not going to sacrifice everything for the sake of our children – we have worked hard and will make our own choices on what happens to any money that is left. So, we consider what else we might do with money and that includes considering leaving a gift to a charity. Having volunteered for Royal Voluntary Service most of my life, the choice of which charity was an easy one for me."

"I have had such a lovely time volunteering for Royal Voluntary Service and it has given me the chance to achieve things I wouldn't have believed I could.

"I think my family are proud of me – my achievements are much more important to them than my money! They were very proud when I got my CBE."

"Mostly I think people feel they must pass on everything to their children. I believe that it’s possible to look after your family and also leave a legacy, which is what I have planned to do."

"I won’t be specifying what Royal Voluntary Service should allocate my legacy to – in terms of the money going to a particular service or area – as I think it is kinder not to. That way it can be used for the most important cause at the time and I trust that the right decisions will be made."

Without people like Alice leaving a gift in their Will, people will not be able to access support and services from Royal Voluntary service in the future. You too, can ensure that people get the support they need in their homes, in the community and during a stay in hospital. Along with Alice, people who choose to support in this way, will be remembered for their generosity and for changing lives.

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