Value of the service

Based on a proven model of success, the service has brought significant value to the Trust and its beneficiaries:

Readmission reduction

The national readmissions (28-days) average is 17%. When initially commissioned, the goal was to reduce the rate of readmissions by up to 50% within the Trust. In year one of the Home from Hospital service (from April 2016), the rate of 28-day readmissions had fallen to 2% in 16/17 and 3% in 17/18. In 2018/19, the service is expected to receive 480 referrals and to deliver 67 saved readmissions.

Leicester City CCG cost benefits

In 2017/18 it was estimated that the net savings for the scheme were £20,000. In 2018/19 it is estimated that net savings will be approximately £41,900.

Social care cost benefits

Assuming an expected 17% readmissions of the existing 480 referrals, we can expect that 81 of these patients would have been readmitted - this is an estimated cost of £131,620.

In 2012, Deloite studied concluded an average saving of £250 per service user to Social Care; therefore, based on commissioned activity of approximately 500 patients, the Home from Hospital scheme could save City Social Care a total of £125,000. This emphasises the potential impact of the service across the combined health and Social Care landscape.

Outcomes to beneficiaries

  • Social contacts: 70% of service users felt their social contacts have improved
  • Confidence: 52% felt they were more confident
  • Health and wellbeing: 50% felt their health has improved
  • Happiness: 47% felt happier.

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