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Royal Voluntary Service volunteer Rae
I volunteered after I semi-retired, as a way of helping others and putting something back into the community. As a little girl I was in awe of the wonderful WVS members and all they did, so volunteering was a little like fulfilling a childhood dream!

After about five years volunteering I became aware of the need for a place where people could meet and socialise in my local area, which is why ten years ago I started the Balfron Lunch Club. Now we cater for 30 to 35 people each Tuesday. In addition to providing a two-course home made hot meal, we have guests who visit to talk about services available for older people, and of course we put on occasional entertainments too.

Probably the thing we are most proud of at the Lunch Club is when we bring in new members. One lady took two or three years of gentle persuasion... 'oh, I just don't know' was her regular reply. Now she wouldn't miss it.

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