John's story

John's real life story
I like helping; it gives me a deep personal sense of satisfaction seeing people make improvements in their health and friendships. You see the people whose lives you touch improve, both physically and mentally.

My only nervousness about volunteering was that I would be pushed into something that didn’t suit me and didn’t fit around my other commitments. It was important to me to choose my own hours and what I wanted to do and I was really pleased to see that I was treated as an individual, and they let me tailor my volunteering to suit me.

I helped pioneer the Royal Voluntary Service Home from Hospital service, where a vulnerable older person receives 10 weeks of support to help them settle back into their homes and communities. I also drive people to hospital and doctor appointments, as well as helping in the office now and again. And I have been known to make a very creditable Victoria sponge for fundraising events too.

The only hard part is that some of the older people I've worked with have passed away now, when they'd become my friends. So that's hard, but that's life.

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