Our Amazing People

Our amazing people
We celebrate the boundless talents and skills of the nation’s older generation, people who've had a wealth of life experience and continue to put that know-how to good use. Many of these people volunteer, making a real contribution to the community. We call them Our Amazing People. They're busy visiting people, helping at hospitals, getting clubs and activities up and running, giving lifts and much, much more.

As our campaign ambassador Wayne Sleep OBE says, “As far as I’m concerned age is just a number and I feel I’m in the prime of my life. Once you hit 65 it doesn’t mean you're past it and unable to do certain things. I intend to continue performing and generally doing as much as I possibly can until I’m no longer able to. That’s what makes life so rich and rewarding.”

Meet some of Our Amazing People

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Do something amazing

Could you be one of our resourceful volunteers? If you can spare an hour or more a week, we can find plenty of ways to use your talents and energy. Whatever you do, you'll be making a fantastic contribution to life in your community.

Or perhaps you've got an idea for a club or activity that would be a real benefit to people in your local area? If so, you could be the one to create it. We can provide ideas, advice and even support with practical things like insurance and paperwork. We could even team you up with others, so you can work together to get up and running. Just tap in your postcode to see what's happening in your area.

What's in your area

If you or a family member, friend or neighbour would like to join in with local clubs and activities or need support from our services then find out how Royal Voluntary Service can help.

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